Big List

for iPad Low Vision users


Big List is a Low Vision Note Taking To Do list App for Visual Impairment.

Big List Large Print note taking app

This List Making To Do App has huge line height, more spacing in between lines for easier reading and interaction.

big list is a Large Print High Contrast note taking app

Made with Large Clear Print for Visual Clarity at all times.

big list is a Large print list making app with big line height

To delete a list item, just swipe it to the left. The line height is large for easy accuracy.

large print low vision app is easy to use and re-order the list

To re-order a list, tap the edit button, the red diamonds will appear and you can drag them up or down to change the order of your list items.

big list has a large print emailer

There is a built-in email function, you can email any list item or note. Type everything you need in large print and review it clearly before emailing it out.

Here is demo of the Big List App in action: