Big Calculator

for iPhone and iPad Low Vision users.


Big Calc is a Large Print Calculator Visual Impairment Aid.

Big Calc is like a large print calculator

Big Calculator is an improvement on the Jumbo Size Visual Impairment Calculator. It has lots of Visual Aid features that the real life version does not have.

big calc has a big LCD display

The LCD Display is much larger and clearer. On a normal Calculator the numbers on the LCD are black on grey, on the Big Calc, the numbers are on a high contrast Background so they are easy to read.

big calc has much larger buttons than the real life large print calculator

Thre Buttons are Huge! They are as big as they can be, there is zero wasted screen space. The bigger the button, the easier it is to be accurate.

the numbers on Big calc are much bigger than the real life big calculator

The Numbers are also MASSIVE! The number size is also much bigger than the real life Calculator

big calc has 4 color modes for low and bright light

There are 4 high contrast modes for day and night/low light viewing. Just Tap the ❖ key to swap modes. Your favorite mode will be saved even if you close the app and will remain until you change it.

big calc on the iphone is much more visible than the built in ipad calculator.

Big Calc is also avaliable for iphones, it is far more low vision friendly than the built-in calculator.

Big Calc is always clear regardless of the lighting conditions.

Big Calc always has good contrast, in very low or bright lighting. You do not have to increase your ipad brightness. Look at the photos on of Big Calc under artificial indoor lighting, in the dark and in outdoor daylight.